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The first release from The Conservatory Experiment, a collection of live, unplanned jams from 2013. The project consists of a group of musicians and artists who jam live together in varying capacities, often swapping roles, using a variety of analogue and digital hardware, along with acoustic instruments. Their influences range from Floyd, Orb, FSOL to Source Direct, Fanu and a million other places.


released August 20, 2014



all rights reserved


The Conservatory Experiment Bristol, UK

The Conservatory Experiment are a new musical collective of artists from the South West, UK.

The project consists of entirely un-rehearsed, live, spontaneous jams where they play together in varying roles.

Their influences come from a million places......

Their music moves through a wide range of genres including Experimental, Ambient, Dance, Jazz, Chillout, Electronic and Psychedelic.
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Track Name: Before the Soldiers Appeared
The old man he remembers how we cried with joy when we were children
and the summers seemed so endless and the snow fell deep and soft
now the leaves are deep as houses and the spring came late each year
Of that year of near perfection before the soldiers appeared.

We ran barefoot to the orchard in the fields behind our houses
we climbed trees and filled our stomachs with the tender fruit upon them
and in the evening we went fishing, watched the stars laid on the pier
In that year of blazing sunsets before the soldiers appeared.

At the lake where we go swimming, we tied a rope swing to the old willow
I heard the voices in the distance and the gunfire in the hills
saw the figures on the horizon, saw the tanks as they drew near
and I knew that life would change now that the soldiers have appeared.

The soldiers they seemed friendly till they shot the dogs and took our livestock
We held their guns and took their chocolate, despite our mothers warnings
we made daisy-chains in minefields and stole their cigarettes and beer
well; one day I found my sister crying after the soldiers had appeared.

Now the soldiers aren't so friendly and my friends are not so many
and my sister was found murdered with her face all broken in
we were ordered from the farm house and they told my family to keep clear
now I'm tired and cold and hungry since the soldiers have appeared.